There are many ways to make pizza, and each variable presents a distinct contribution to the pizza’s overall taste. One major variable is the oven in which you make pizza. The most common types of ovens are gas and electric. Let us understand the differences between the two.

  • Electric pizza ovens – An electric oven is more modern and easier to use, but more expensive to purchase outright. It is large and can accommodate different types of pans. It renders the pizza a uniform, similar taste, so it may not be ideal for specialized crusts, types, and flavours. It requires less time and labour to operate overall, which makes it perfect for busy restaurants. 
  • Gas pizza ovens – A gas oven costs less than an electric oven. It’s more popular because it’s cheaper to buy and maintain. Gas ovens may be harder to operate and require more labour and time, but they offer versatile options for pizza making. They’re excellent for home use or small restaurants. 

Gas is generally cheaper but not available everywhere like in cruise ships, while electricity is readily accessible but regulated by local utilities. Each oven presents unique advantages, so the final decision depends on your personal preference. Electric ovens are ideal for mass-produced pies with standardized flavour. Gas ovens make custom orders easier and they add a different flavor and texture to the crust. 

But whichever you choose, Thermarite pizza stone is best and versatile for all types of ovens.

Thermarite is a high density, specially formulated Cordierite that is super-heated to over 2,000F and is engineered to last: high durability, high heat transfer, and absorbs more moisture giving you the best crispy crust. It also does not give odour when heated as it vaporizes all organic matter. Thermarite shields the pizza from the intense heat of the grill and is excellent for both gas or charcoal grills and ovens. 

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